There are many different ways in which your psychic potential can express itself. All of the various types of psychic abilities ...

There are many different ways in which your psychic potential can express itself. All of the various types of psychic abilities are the same energy manifesting in different ways. Psychic perception is extremely versatile and thus goes by a number of labels. Ultimately though they are all the same ability given different names under different circumstances. This includes one of the more seemingly elusive psychic abilities known as precognition.

Precognition is the ability to be aware of or envision future events before they actually occur. I like to call it “pre-membering”. Like many forms of psychic perception, precognition can occur when we are conscious or while we are asleep. Also like many other types of psychic abilities, precognition occurs most often while you are asleep.

This is possible because there is less interference from our conscious mind when we are sleeping. This means that the creative/intuitive right-brain is free to process non-rational thoughts without the critical/analytical left brain filtering out the things it can’t make sense of. That is why we are more open to psychic experiences such as precognition when we are sleeping than we are when we are wide awake.

There are many hypothetical explanations as to why precognition is even possible. I have formulated a few myself. One is that linear time is an illusion created by the limitations of our five physical senses and that we actually possess the ability to consciously access the sum total of our being in multiple dimensions including time.

Another is that the universe is completely cyclical in nature and that each cycle is only slightly different than the rest. And each time a previous cycle is completed there are trace memories left behind in the wake of its existence. In other words this has all happened before and at times we can remember it.

My final and favorite theory is that the universe and everything in it, including us, is an interconnected web of energy that is held together throughout time and space and we potentially have complete access to the sum total of it: past, present, and future.

My own experiences with precognition have lead me to believe that, regardless of the reason, there is a transmission of energy taking place on the quantum level. That at various times you can experience a type of 4th dimensional telepathy between your present self and your future self. It is as if a bridge or loop of conscious energy forms and is exchanged between one’s own mind in two different points in space-time. Sort of like a coronal loop that forms on the surface of the sun.

I have found that it can actually help to visualize this last scenario when attempting to consciously experience precognition. It also helps to visualize a target such as the headline on tomorrow’s newspaper. When attempting to perform any type of psychic perception it always helps to concentrate on a specific goal or target. A focused mind is more powerful because less energy is wasted when our thoughts are focused.

Personally, I have been experiencing precognition since I was in my teens. It began after my father passed on and at first it was uncontrolled and completely spontaneous occurring while I was dreaming. Early episodes of precognition where about mundane events that happened at first within minutes of awakening and then later they were spaced further and further into the future. Now they vary from near future events to decades away.

Now I no longer have to be asleep to experience precognition. When I have the time and proper amount of solitude, I can accurately view future targets and information as long as I am in a relaxed meditative state. When I am preforming any of the many types of psychic abilities, the less I consciously know about the target the better. This is an important thing to remember. It seems that the more information you consciously know about what you are trying to perceive, the less accurate your reading due to interference from the logical rational part of the mind.