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   Around 2002-2004, Pam was introduced to a medium that changed her outlook on life.  Being a skeptic of all this non-sense, she went to the session at the insistent of her sister.  Told her sister, this won’t take long, and 3 hours later, Pam was no longer a skeptic. Pam soon came to the realization that she was often sought for her advice and wisdom, and so, she began to realize that she had a gift.  As she homed in on her own abilities, she also went to other readers, 1-2 a year.  Each one would tell her that she was not there to be reading from them, but rather for a reading for herself, as she was a medium and had all the tools to in her wheelhouse.  As time went on, Pam learned to meditate, and open her third eye and crown chakra.  She took a trip to Sedona, which was fantastic for her.  She then connected on a whole new level, and it opened her up even more.  Pam is an intuitive card reader and medium.  She has been mentored by Emily Miller, who has been a medium and reading for people since childhood.        

She is accepting clients who are working on themselves, wanting to ascend, or are curious and need answers.       

Pam can be contacted at: Swordsandbutterflies@gmail.com

Phone: (469)318-2348
Reading Energy Exchange Rates: 
15 min intuitive Tarot $20
1 hr Intuitive Mediumship Reading: $88

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