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Emily’s psychic and mediumship was evidenced at a very early age.  “The gift” was something that runs in her family on her mother’s side. 
As a child, Emily always had a connection to the spirit world and at night she could see “light people” as they passed through the walls.  She didn’t understand it, but just accepted that it was a part of God and the heavenly realm.  Daytime, she would play with her “imaginary friend”, Arch Angel Michael, her protector throughout her life.
Emily became an Intensive Care R.N, a missionary, a Doctor of Naturopathy, a nutritional counselor, a business owner, trainer, motivator and life coach.  She was able to utilize her intuition and gifts in a variety of settings.
      God revealed to Emily that her gifts were God given and called the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Emily is blessed with these gifts: The gift of discernment, the gift of healing, the gift of knowledge, the gift of wisdom, and the gift of counsel.  These gifts are enhanced by her ability of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience and also as a Medium.
      Emily has always had the privilege of people’s confidence.  And throughout her life, she has been an intuitive counselor whenever, Spirit has set up a “Divine Appointment”.
      She is now retired from traditional business and focuses on her service to God (Spirit).  She has studied Mediumship at the Arthur Finley College in UK and continues to expand her training and enhance her gifts for the purpose of serving Spirit by serving others.  This she does in honor of God by conveying timely messages for healing, guidance and encouragement. 

Insightful Readings with divine messages for guidance, closure, healing and encouragement by Psychic, Emily Alecia Miller....

Contact Info:
Email: iabilities@gmail.com
Phone: (469)318-2348
Reading Energy Exchange Rates:
15 min intuitive or tarot $20
1 hr Intuitive or Mediumship Reading: $88
Private Mentoring: $130 per session. (May range 1-2 hrs)

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